Links to a few of our favorite places!

- Amaranth Games -

This is the home of Aveyond a great RPG and a Game Tunnel Game of the Month from designer Amanda Fae.

- Garage Games -

This is a great place to get information about game development in general and download some other cool games that you won't find anywhere else.

- Game Tunnel -

A superb review site for independently developed games.

- Leadfoot Productions -

Another great little game site.  This features "Aerial Antics" and  "Market Value" two earlier titles designed and programmed by Jeremy Alessi. Additionally, they feature fabulous artwork courtesy of Adrian Tysoe.

- Blitz Research -

Home of a great suite of game development programming languages.

- Indie Gamer -

A good spot to discuss independent game development.

- Gamasutra -

All the game industry news you could ask for!

- Gamespot -

A good spot to get the latest reviews and news for more mainstream games.